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Free Shipping on $50+ order
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Expires on 26 December 2011
during checkout to save 10% on any order at Kohl’s. Moreover, it offers free shipping to any order of $50 or more
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Expires on 26 November 2011
Buy Lauren Conrad apparel
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Expires on 01 December 2011
Kohls deal of the day
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Expires on 04 August 2012

Kohls is a specialty store founded in 1962. Their mission is to be "a leading value-oriented, family oriented, department stores," and is currently the largest retailer in the United States 24. With a wide variety of products such as clothes, shoes, beauty and electronics, Kohls has a lot to offer. Not to mention the many well-known brands and brings Kohls, Levi ‘, the Bongo, Elle, Adidas, Nike, Bulova, and to name a few. A product category should be common womans clothing. Women are more prone to shopping in department stores like Kohls and I love the feeling of finding a lot, may be with the quality. What makes the most unique and Kohls, unlike other shops is that Kohls is independent and not normally found attached to malls. So when a family arrives at Kohls re-up on the back of the school for kids clothes, for example, all they need is a shop and much more convenient than searching through several stores in a mall. And with a "Gold Star Space" section, with savings ranging from 60-80 percent higher, there ‘really need to shop anywhere else!