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In 1938, mountain climbers Lloyd and Mary Anderson joined 21 other climbers can be found in the Northwest Recreational Equipment, Inc. ( Group structure a consumer cooperative to purchase high-quality ice axes and climbing equipment from Europe because such gear could not be purchased locally. Word quickly spread and soon many others joined outside the cooperative. As increased, and therefore thought to the range of outdoor equipment in the members of the cooperative. Over the past six decades, has grown well known suppliers of specialized equipment and outdoor clothing. served outdoors people through 82 retail stores in the U.S. and direct sales via the Internet (, telephone and e-mail. Today, is the largest consumer cooperative in the nation more than 2.8 million members. Although the gear sold by the very similar different now than in 1938, collaborative business processes remains a key While non-members are welcome to shop only members enjoy special benefits, such as the annual repayment of the members on eligible purchases. The success ‘s allowed to return to the cooperative repayment of active members in 2005, a total of more than $ 50 million and $ 2.5 million in donations to support the outdoors and outdoor activities. is to enhance the reputation of the team of the employee, which recognizes both the knowledge and outdoor recreational facilities and a user-friendly resource to help each client, from beginner to accomplished, prepare for the outdoor adventures.